Run For God: Run Club

Do you struggle with getting motivated to run or study your Bible? Do you need a little extra Inspiration occasionally? What if you could hang out with someone who was always ready for a run and to talk about the parallels between faith and endurance? What if that person was full of enthusiasm and was dying to share it with you often?

Look no further! Run for God is taking Run Club to the next level. Combining their Devotions style storytelling with today’s technology of Youtube, Podcasting, and Facebook Live, Run for God’s very own Dean Thompson is ready to share knowledge, inspiration, and enthusiasm with you each week. For a low monthly subscription cost of $9.97 you get that and more. In addition, and more importantly, you help Run for God share the Gospel with the running world! What do you say? Could you use a positive kick in the pants, both spiritually and physically? What are you waiting for? Sign up today, and cancel at anytime!

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